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Nina Dobrev In Sir Alistair Rai Scarf

Nina Dobrev in Sir Alistair Rai ScarfWe've all had that sort of a day where you get up, get dressed, yet something about what you are wearing just doesn't seem right. You take a closer look; everything works well together, it fits, the colour story works, yet it just feels like there is something missing. One of the easiest ways to solve this type of wardrobe conundrum is with a Sir Alistair Rai scarf.

The photo of Nina Dobrev is a perfect example of how a scarf can take a look that just sort of works, and elevate its status to something much more interesting. In this case, the scarf elevates a simple denim ensemble to a sort of urban armor that emits a relaxed, feminine, yet tough vibe. Dobrev's look provides a perfect backdrop for her colorful scarf; the monochromatic black base layer of a coated jean with a form-fitting black tee acts as a blank canvas upon which anything is possible. The denim jacket in a light, contrasting fabric adds depth to the look, and acts to soften the look while harmonizing with the blue tones in the scarf.

What is perhaps most remarkable about Dobrev's choice of scarf is how it seems to blend seamlessly into her look. The scarf, when taken by itself, is actually quite a bold statement. The light aqua blue is is sharp contrast to the deep coral pink, creating a perfect dissonance that is characteristic of colors that are across the color spectrum from each other, as these two are. But taken in the context of the total look, this effect is tempered, and the scarf becomes the lead player in a larger ensemble; it becomes the focal point of the look.

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