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Vanessa Hudgens in Love Quotes Linen Tassel Scarf

Vanessa Hudgens Wearing a Love Quotes Scarves

There isn’t a single fashion lover out there who at some point, didn’t have “the rulebook” thrown at them. You know the one, it’s pages are filled with such nuggets of sage wisdom such as no white shoes after labor day, you shouldn’t wear red if you have red hair, and you most certainly should ever, under any circumstances, wear navy blue and black together in the same ensemble.

The navy and black look that Vanessa Hudgens is wearing is the perfect modern antidote to such antiquated advice, and illustrates just how great a look can be when you take that dusty old rulebook and throw it out the window. Her all-black ensemble appears to be lit from within with the hints of indigo blue that are peeking-out from under her jacket. Around her neck, the Love Quotes linen and viscose scarf from their Knotted Tassel collection picks up the indigo hue and adds a bit more dimension and depth to the look, which complements her coloring beautifully. The dark hues Hudgens has chosen are also a great backdrop for her warm-toned accessories. Her gold bangles, rings, and even the hardware of her Balenciaga bag create an interesting contrast that creates a sort of unexpected yet intentional accessory statement.


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