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Nicole Richie In Medieval Blue Chan Luu Scarf

The practice of wearing an all-black ensemble is certainly nothing new in the realm of the fashion pack. All-black monochromatic looks have come to be associated with a certain urban edge; the uniform of the sophisticated New York street style star.  As the cooler weather approaches this season, have a look down any busy shopping street and you will see any number of permutations of all black ensembles right before your eyes. However, one of the sartorial downsides to wearing an all black look is that your ensemble loses a bit of visual depth, particularly if you are going to be photographed while out and about.

This all-black look manages to escape this all too common pitfall by utilizing contrasting fabrications and textures to create the illusion of more depth. The slightly shiny fabrication of the fabric in the swing jacket ties together nicely with that of the tall leather boots, and provides contrast against the matte black legging. The real star of the show however, is the oversized, medieval blue Chan Luu scarf worn around the neck. An oversized scarf in a monochromatic tone works best in an interesting texture, as it does here. The fringe  and loosely-woven fabric keep the look sufficiently dressed-down as to not become fussy, yet it imparts a casual-cool vibe to the look. The finishing touches of a rolled sleeve (showing just a peek of animal print lining) and a classic Hermes Birkin bag finish the look with a classic and polished, yet modern feel. 


Photo Credit: Chan Luu


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