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Caroline Blomst In Chan Luu Tawny Port Scarf

Caroline Blomst in Chan Luu Tawny Port ScarfThe past few fashion seasons have seen designers pushing the envelope with the volume of their pieces. From boxy, oversized kimono sleeves to the resurrection of a full, sweeping palazzo pant, bigger is definitely better these days. Although in theory, these more voluminous shapes might seem easier to wear than the body-con styles of past fashion cycles, the reality is that with more volume comes the necessity to dress more mindfully. Volume, much like a fancy meal with rare and interesting ingredients, must be balanced; what looks amazing on the runway may not always translate well in the real lives of modern women.

One tried and tested method of achieving balance with voluminous clothing is the practice of balancing proportions with a piece of clothing that has an oppositional quality to it. In other words, big on top, small on the bottom, and vice versa. This photograph taken of Caroline Blomst is a perfect example of just that. The black skinny pant and high top shoes provide a slim, monochromatic balance to the volume of the down puffer jacket; all of which act as a blank canvas for the real focal point of the look; the large Chan Luu Tawny Port cashmere and silk scarf. This scarf is not only adding a pop of rich, luxe color and a hint of exaggerated volume to this ensemble, it is actually the star performer in a look that, in its absence, would likely be otherwise lost in a sea of wintertime black.


Photo Credit: Caroline's Mode


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