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Cameron Diaz In Chan Luu Sand Dollar Scarf

Cameron Diaz in Chan Luu Sand Dollar ScarfIt seems counter-intuitive  but there is perhaps no better way to create an easy, breezy, and sophisticated spring or summer look than with a scarf. Mind you, that is not to say that you should reach for just any old scarf in your cache; thick, chunky winter woolens or fuzzy mohair and angora fabrics will certainly look out of place during these warm, balmy months of the year, and would prove to be quite uncomfortable as well.

Ideally, a summer weight scarf is one that is made from a light summer-weight wool, silk, cotton, or linen fabrication. These lightweight fabrics drape beautifully and are crafted from breathable natural fibers, imparting a sophisticated look that is also weather-appropriate. Nobody knows this better than the ultimate California girl, Cameron Diaz.  Ms. Diaz takes a simple tee and linen blazer in a neutral palette and adds a simple pair of jeans. Easy, chic, and pulled-together to be sure, but not exactly head-turningly so…that is, until you consider the sand dollar cashmere and silk scarf.

The Chan Luu scarf that Ms. Diaz has chosen takes this look from classic, if not a bit commonplace, to the very picture of modern casual luxury. The sheer fabrication of the cashmere and silk complements the slightly rumpled appearance of the linen jacket, and the warm, light beige tones harmonize perfectly with the warm, neutral brown of the tee and contrasting blue of her light wash denim jeans. Add an oversized leather hobo in a neutral shade, and the look is sheer summer perfection. 


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