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Charlotte Simone, Kyle De'Volle and Rita Ora Collaboration

Rita Ora Charlotte Simone Kyle De'Volle Popsicle ScarfThe luxury accessories brand Charlotte Simone is the brainchild of British designer Charlotte Beecham. Beecham founded the company in 2011 after becoming intrigued by the way Parisian women could create an entire look around an accessory as simple as a scarf; a sartorial practice she felt the women of her native Britain did not take full advantage of.

Beecham earned immediate success shortly after the launch of Charlotte Simone with the label's fur-lined hoods; a hybrid scarf and hood combination that incorporated high end materials and cozy knitwear into one functional yet chic package. This first effort by the label was soon spotted on some of London's most high-profile up and comers, most notably pop sensation Rita Ora. Ora's friend and stylist Kyle D'volle definitely knew a good thing when he saw it, and soon, a collaboration was formed between DeVolle and Beecham, with Rita Ora serving as inspiration and muse. This collaboration has culminated in the creation of the Popsicle scarf.

The Popsicle scarf is perhaps more accurately described as a fur stole, made modern for a younger and hipper crowd than its fifties-era reputation might otherwise suggest. Crafted from a combination of raccoon fur and fox tail, the Popsicle mixes a bit of whimsy with some serious high-end materials to achieve, as De'volle puts it, "effortless London girl cool." And who better to represent this ethos than Ora herself, who is featured in the campaign that really brings these colorful and luxurious confections to life.


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