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Alexander McQueen x Damien Hirst: The Skull Scarf Revisited

Damien Hirst Alexander McQueen's Skull Scar

The perpetually chic fashion label Alexander McQueen enjoyed a period in the early 2000's that saw a spike in the sales of the label's scarves. Particularly popular we're McQueen's skull scarves. Not only did these scarves elevate the looks worn by some of the most popular "it girls" of the moment, they also likely acted as the catalyst for what would become a ubiquitous department store staple the world over. Ever since the launch of the original McQueen skull scarves have been easily found in any number of permutations on the high street. Recently however, skull scarves seem to have once again found their way into the hearts and closets of savvy shoppers everywhere.

This season, in honor of the 10th anniversary of the McQueen skull scarf, Uber-artist and tastemaker Damien Hirst is pairing-up with the Alexander McQueen label in a collaboration that will bring 30 new designs into the skull scarf fold. The collaboration promises everything that one would expect from a McQueen - Hirst collaboration: bold, kaleidoscopic colors, intriguing and unconventional patterns, and luxurious materials that elevate these would-be bohemian pieces to something a bit more rarefied.

The best part? Prices for the pieces in the Hirst-McQueen collaboration range from just $515 to $1175, which although is certainly no drop in the ocean, is a far cry from Hirst's previous run at a fashion collaboration; who can forget the handbag collection he designed for The Row that weighed-in at a staggering $50,000? This time around, the McQueen collaboration promises to honor the legacy of Alexander McQueen with a collection that is as chic and unique as it is attainable.


Photo credit: Alexander McQueen x Damien Hirst

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