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Black Scarf Outfit: Stripe & Polka-dot Jumper / Leggings / Ankle Booties / Large Tote

Black Scarf Outfit: Jumper / Leggings / Ankle Booties / Large Tote Bag

There is nothing that dictates that in order to make a look stand out, you must always opt for the brightest colors, the most elaborate prints, or the most unusual, cutting-edge designs. Simple, classic designs can often have just as much of an impact when styled with a bit of know-how. This elegant black and white look is a perfect example of this theory in action. The clean silhouettes of the top and legging are enhanced by the fun, albeit subtle mixed print of the top. A classic, mid-height block-heeled boot is a great balancing accompaniment to these simple pieces, adding just a bit of edge without compromising the look’s sleek lines.

This look is complemented perfectly by a sparing use of some classic accessories. This time however, a pair of classic stud earrings is presented to us in a subtle shade of pink that not only picks up the warm tones of the oxblood Vivienne Westwood bag, it coordinates perfectly with the pale buff YSL nail lacquer.

Lastly, is the black Chan Luu scarf. A cashmere and silk blend such as this is the perfect way to add depth and softness to a look. Adding a scarf gives off that polished yet effortless feel that captures perfectly the way modern women want to look.

Top :: DKNY 
Bottom :: Stella McCartney
Shoes :: Tory Burch
Bag :: Vivienne Westwood
Scarf: Chan Luu
Accessories :: D'Yach earrings, Kate Spade watch, Yves Saint Laurent nail polish


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