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Posted: Apr 16 2013

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Here's A Quick Way To Tie A Scarf Like A Flight Attendant

Scarf Tied Like a Flight Attendant

It’s certainly no secret that flying is just not what it used to be. Gone are the days when people used to dress to fly. The tailored suits, fur stoles, and flawless makeup that were once the standard dress of the skies have now become the exception in a sea of sweatshirts and stretchy leggings. There is however, one group of people that you will see onboard your flights who, time and time again, manage to put forth that pulled-together and professional appearance that evokes memories of the airlines of days gone by.

Flight attendants the world over are famous for their very specific look; a polished, pulled-together look that is at once well-groomed, uniform, and most importantly, welcoming. Although it’s fair to say that the face of the skies has certainly diversified over the years (a good thing, to be sure), one sartorial item in particular that is favored by flight attendants has remained absolutely static. I’m talking of course, about the scarf.

Traditionally meant as a means to display an airline’s logos or color scheme, the humble scarf has remained virtually unchanged in an industry of ever-changing uniforms. Both pragmatic and traditional, the scarf has managed not only to stand the test of time, but also to elevate its status from required uniform feature to in-demand iconic accessory. 

So how do those of us who are not busy jetting-off to exotic locales recreate this polished look without feeling like we should be serving drinks and little packets of pretzels to all whom we encounter? High-Flying Style Tutorial: The Slip Knot This is perhaps the quickest and most straightforward way to achieve that pulled-together look that flight-attendants are so good at pulling-off. To get the look, all that is required is a small to medium-sized square silk (or silk-like) scarf and a relatively steady hand.Roll the scarf diagonally starting from one of the corners, and adjust the thickness of the roll to your taste.


How to Tie a Scarf Like a Flight Attendant


  1. Place the scarf around the back your neck with the ends in front and pointing downward.
  2. Envision yourself tying a man’s tie; loop one downward-pointing end around the other and pull it through the loop you created.
  3. Adjust the scarf to your liking.
  4. Smile (the most important step of all).

This is a very basic knot that takes virtually no time and will elevate your look in a matter of seconds. Often you will see flight attendants with impossibly glorious-looking knotted scarves. For some of the more complex scarf knots, achieving the look may require you to invest in a scarf ring. Scarf rings are easy to find and generally inexpensive, although you can certainly find specialty scarf rings at the higher ends of the price spectrum as well. 

Whether you decide to stick with this simple slip knot or progress to things more complex, you will be amazed at just how much a simple scarf can transform your look.


Photo Credit: The Daily Savant


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