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Posted: Mar 11 2013

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5 Ways To Tie A Scarf

Martha Hunt in ScarfFace it. Clothes and accessories add up. If you are a gal on a budget, it is essential that you invest in pieces that work well with what you already have and can be worn for years to come. Scarves are an amazing accessory because they allow you to create multiple looks, enabling your ensemble to always appear fresh and fashionable. Once you find a stylish scarf, slip it on differently each time to transform your wardrobe without spending hardly anything at all! Here is how you can tie a scarf in 5 ways. 

The Ascot

This is one of the easiest ways to wear a scarf, especially if it is on the long side. It looks great paired with everything-from outerwear, to dresses, and even knits. Place the scarf around the back of your neck and crisscross the ends in front of you. Pull one end around the back of the crisscross and then over top. Adjust it to your comfort level and desired look.

The Faux Infinity

If you love the look of an infinity scarf, but you want to get maximum use out of the scarves you already own, consider creating a faux infinity look. Simply take both ends in your hands, creating a U shape. Crisscross the ends around the back of your neck, pulling them in front of your chest. Tuck the dangling ends subtly underneath the loop or behind your neck to mimic the rounded, unified look of the infinity scarf.

The Braided Loop

This technique looks classy and completely cool. Fold you scarf in half and drape it around the back of your neck. Create a loop on one side. Simply pull the ends across your chest, through the loop you have created and make another miniature loop. Pull the ends through this loop and adjust to your comfort level. The scarf should sit tightly on your neck and have a braided, textured look.

Twist and Coil

This is a unique way to wear a scarf. Twist the scarf tightly and place it around the back of your neck, holding it tightly to keep it twisted. Firmly, begin wrapping the twisted scarf around your neck, mimicking a coil. Be sure to tuck the ends underneath of the created coil to hide them and focus on the structured technique.

The Backwards Wrap

One of the most quick and common ways to wear a scarf, the backwards wrap is always a big hit. To achieve this look, drape a scarf around the back of your neck, but do so backwards; similar to the way you created a U shape when you made the faux infinity scarf. Tug on the ends to make the scarf sit tightly on your neck, or give it some slack so it can dip loosely on your décolletage. Scarves arranged in this fashion look great worn with scoop neck tees and are a favorite way to wear warm cashmere scarves in winter weather.

Who knew that you could create so many different looks using just one accessory? If you love to switch things up with your wardrobe all you need is one scarf. Which technique will you try first?


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