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Fall 2014 Accessory Trends: Burberry's Oversized Scarves

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 Fashion Show During London Fashion WeekThe Burberry Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 show was a revelation for anyone who is a keen wearer of scarves. Models at the much-anticipated show swished their way down the runway at a languid pace as fabric flowed freely with them. For fall, Burberry has decided that oversized scarves in autumnal hues are to be worn almost as garments; draped over the shoulders, around the neck, and belted around the waist, to name but a few of the permutations that were spotted on the runway. This is a look that is not only louche and sophisticated, but also widely accessible. Here are a few of our favorite styling tips for oversized scarves as inspired by the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 show. 

Drape it loosely around your shoulders and let the ends hang long

One of the really effective things about an oversized scarf is that it can pretty reliably double as a cape in a pinch. In the early days of the pashmina scarf (looking back to the early 1990s), we would have worn our oversized scarves as a wrap, with the ends loosely tucked-away for a sophisticated yet carefree appeal.

This time around, by letting the scarf hang loosely around the shoulders, it seems to take on a life of its own. This is particularly effective when the scarf is worn over the top of outerwear, as was often done at the Burberry show. Try layering your oversized scarf over a car length or trench coat. The hemlines will be similar (so the proportions will be spot-on), and it adds the depth of layering to the look, creating dimension and interest.

Belt it

When dealing with the oversized silhouettes that are often created when employing oversized scarves, sometimes a little waist definition is all that is standing in the way of drab becoming fab. The cinched-in waists at Burberry were in stark contrast to the fluid, almost liquid quality of the scarves going down the runway, and it made for a perfect balance of hard and soft. Also of note, was the feminine, almost bohemian vibe that these looks gave off as prints and textures mixed in a way that made them seem to almost blend as one.

To imitate the look, chose an oversized scarf in a color story that complements the garments you are wearing. The belt you choose should be neutral and not pull focus from the scarf, which is the main attraction.

Don't be afraid of asymmetry

If you are a fashion lover who is happy to separate the concepts of balance and symmetry for the sake of a look, this one is for you. At Burberry, scarves were wrapped around the neck with the ends hanging long, then adjusted so that one side of the scarf was markedly longer than the other. The entire look was belted, and the result was a surprisingly fresh look. Where one might think that wearing a scarf in such a way would surely appear like an accident, it actually gave the look a more casual air, and allowed the models to carry their oversized tote bags on the shorter side of the scarf without worrying about constant entanglement. The overall effect? A perfectly-balanced, imperfectly proportioned look that is as creative as it is chic.

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