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Scarves Go Big for Fall/Winter 2015

Prabal Gurung Scarf New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014

One of the standout things about the Fall/winter runway looks that are just starting to infiltrate the stores was an unprecedented use of thick, chunky knitwear. While chunky knits have always had a place on the Fall and winter runways of the past, this time around, gone is the bohemian vibe that seems to have permeated the chunky knits of seasons past, and in its place there seems to be a very considered approach to styling. The new chunky knits are at once more streamlined, muted, and made to be worn as a part of a whole look, as opposed to the kind of afterthought that goes along with throwing it on as you run for the door in the morning.

Seen at such cutting-edge shows as Thakoon, Osman, and Prabal Gurung, these oversized knits were very structured and worn almost the way one would wear a statement necklace or a pair of tall boots; as an accessory that has pride of place. In many cases these new chunky knits were shown wrapped and tied to give the illusion of volume – something that can be tricky for us laypeople to achieve without actually making your look a bit overwrought. Yet the result of this was one of an effortless and polished feel, which is right on trend for the season. After all, this effortless look is exactly why we wear scarves, even if it is actually be a bit difficult to master.

Most of the oversized scarves on the Osman runway were paired with lighter fare (evening dresses or sportswear) as to not create a dissonance between the scarf and a bulky coat or sweater. Prabal Gurung did show his chunky knits wrapped-tightly over winter weight outerwear, but left legs bare as to balance the look, steering it away from becoming too swaddled and disproportionate.

Another way that designers seemed to accomplish this sense of balance for winter 2015 was in their use of color. The fall and winter collections are giving us a palette of more subdued, earthy colors (as the often do with the change of season), but with a twist. Shades of indigo, oxblood, and gray have been popping up next to the ubiquitous camels and greens of autumn. Designers were often seen showing scarves and tops in the same color tone, creating a cohesive look and debulking the silhouette at the same time. This trend has even been spotted in various prints, with designers matching tartan scarves and cardigans at Ace & Jig, and complementary tones belted at the waist at Burberry.

Styling wise, what we can take away from these designers is to choose a garment that complements the scarf, instead of competes with it. Choosing a coat without a lot of volume or a wide or bulky collar is best when trying to rock one of these new season chunky knits. Trade in last season’s cocoon coat for something a bit more streamlined if you want to try this look, and forego a lot of embellishment. Last winter, it was all about the coat. This winter, it appears to be all about the scarf.

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