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Emerald Green - Pantone Color Of The Year 2013

Model Wearing Emerald Green Marc Jacobs Scarf NY Fashion Week 2013

There is probably no color that evokes such imagery of luxe sophistication as emerald. Perhaps you have vivid memories of looking at a classic painting of a Botticelli-era redhead in a luxe emerald velvet gown, or more recently Keira Knightley’s fiery character in the film Atonement in her breathtaking 1930s-era emerald satin dress. Even in present day media, emerald is everywhere from the red carpet to the pages of the fashion glossies and beyond.

Green last enjoyed a surge of popularity in the 1980s, when people went to the hardware store in droves to buy paint to transform their dining rooms and libraries into Hunter Green sanctuaries. Although it fell out of vogue for interiors, green has always been in the periphery for red carpet events, particularly emerald green. Its long association with precious gemstones has ensured its place as a forerunner for formal events, and it is now making its way back into the market for more casual attire.

According to the Pantone Institute, the ultimate authority on color and provider of color standards for design industries, emerald has a long history of representing new beauty, growth, and prosperity in many cultures. It is thought of as a healing color, meant to bring a sense of clarity to those in its midst, as well as a sense of renewal. The reasons for this seem obvious enough; green is all around us. In fact, according to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Institute, this is not just a perception, but a technical and scientific truth. Green is the color that the human eye sees more than any other color in the spectrum. 


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