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Different Ways To Wear An Infinity Scarf


Infinity scarves, sometimes referred to as circle scarves, snoods, or cowls, have been on the scene now for a while.  A versatile accessory that truly puts the effortless into effortless dressing, a infinity scarf can expand your wardrobe exponentially in one fell swoop.  A quick glance outside of the recent fall collections would have you feasting your eyes upon many a chic fashionista wrapped-up in all manners of infinity scarves, from oversized and chunky to more demure, silken variations.

Perhaps what is so appealing about the infinity scarf is the absence of those truly untidy end bits that constantly get caught in the wind, have to be re-wrapped or re-tied, or just frustratingly find themselves into a configuration completely different than the one you had intended when you originally got dressed that morning.  You can wrap it, drape it, or just wear it long and louche; the choice is yours.  They are relatively low-maintenance as accessories go, and therefore incredibly easy to stow in a handbag to wear on a plane, out on an outdoor patio at night, or in an overly-air conditioned movie theater.

Styling an infinity scarf is something that is unique unto itself.  If you're new to the whole infinity scarf thing, you simply have to dive in head first and try it. For starters, wrap it, sling it over one shoulder, or belt it. Take note of what feels good, and what looks might work with the different pieces you have in your closet. If you see a particular infinity-scarf look that you like, try and emulate it. And if you need a little help getting started, the following looks are sure to give you some serious wardrobe mileage, and are about as easy as it gets. 

The Hooded Scarf (Snood)

This one speaks for itself. You can either fold the scarf over on itself to double-up the thickness before putting one of the loops over your head and making the “hood”, or allow it to drape long and loose, for a mysterious, chic vibe. The choice is yours, make it your own.

The Shawl

Again, this is a pretty basic look, but the flair is in the details. Simply place the middle of the infinity scarf at the back of your neck and pull your arms through the openings on either side. Voila! It really is that easy. This look is a wonderful alternative to a night-time cardigan or wrap, as it looks fresh and modern.

Long and Louche

This look is the easiest to achieve by far. Drape it around your neck and let it hang loose. It's as effortless as it looks! 

Of course, there are literally hundreds more ways to style your infinity scarf. There is certainly no shortage of inspiration, in print and online, that might guide you through the process of creating a look that is truly unique.  And as with anything else in life, practise makes perfect, so grab your infinity scarf, and get styling!


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