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What To Pack For An Impromptu Weekend Away

There is nothing more exciting than hearing those lovely little words-“Pack a bag, we’re going out of town right now!” Whether it is a premeditated surprise or a spur of the moment decision, we certainly aren’t going to refuse a weekend away. If you must pack in a jiffy, there are a few key items you should try to remember to ensure that you have in style options. Here is a list of 7 essential items to pack for an impromptu weekend away!

A great pair of jeans

Jeans can be dressed up or down, and you will remain comfortable and confident as you strut your stuff around in your favorite, go-to pair.

Your favorite scarf

Scarves are the best accessory to bring in your bag because they can be tied in a number of ways and add instant pizzazz to casual or semi-formal attire.

A hat

You aren’t immune to bad hair days-even on a weekend getaway. It’s easy to throw on and always looks ultra-cool with jeans and a cardigan.

Yoga pants

You are sure to have some downtime during your trip, so leave the sweat pants behind and pack the yoga pants. They emphasize curves and are able to be worn on a morning walk or an afternoon window shopping.


Wedges are great shoes to pack because they give you a little lift, without looking overly formal. They are also easier to walk in and can be worn virtually with pants, jeans, or dresses.

A little black dress

 Everyone owns a little black dress. This is a great item to pack to ensure you look appropriate at a romantic restaurant or if you happen to take a sunset cruise.

A Colorful Cardigan

Cardis can be help you cover up when the weather gets chilly and can be dressed up with the right scarf of jewelry.

So there you have it! If you need to pack quickly, be sure to pull these 7 essential items from your closet in order to look great and make a quick exit!


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