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Founders Ben and Belynda Macpherson launched Banjo & Matilda in Bondi Beach, Australia in 2008. The label’s founders sought to create clothing that was not only discreetly luxurious, but also captured the freedom of their life by the beach - the freshness of the ocean, clarity of the mind and soul and above all, a noble existence that resonated within the complicated world that we all live in.

Fast forward to now, Banjo & Matilda has captured the hearts of customers all over the world for their fun, casual and lighthearted approach to luxury knitwear. Big on quality and small on pretence, each Banjo & Matilda scarf is made from the noblest and most ancient of yarns - cashmere - sourced naturally and ethically from goats in the highest mountains of inner Mongolia.

Fashion is a serious business for many but let's face it, you don't have to be when you wear a great cashmere scarf. Life can be complicated, but your scarf doesn't have to be.

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