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One of the easiest ways to transform an everyday look, whether you are just kicking about the town or meeting an international flight, is with a lightweight wrap. Aside from the obvious functional qualities of a wrap, it has an almost magical ability to transform your look. Whether you are looking for a subtle way to add some depth and interest, or want to really amp up the volume with a riot of color, pattern, or texture, you'll soon find yourself never even thinking of leaving the house without your Minnie Rose ruana.

The Minnie Rose cashmere collection, launched in 2006, is the brainchild of designer Lisa Schaller-Goldberg. The collection focuses on classic pieces that can be worn everyday, and that impart the wearer with a sense of effortless luxury. The collection began with a few core designs of covetable cashmere silhouettes, and has grown steadily each season to incorporate new designs and fabrications.

Available in a range of colors from gentle pastel shades to rich, saturated hues, the collection houses a style to suit just about anyone. The Minnie Rose collection also pays due diligence to detailing; all of the shawls and ruanas are finished in either a cashmere fringe, ruffle, or for you minimalists out there, a simple, cleanly-finished edge.

Minnie Rose shawls and ruanas are a true testament to Schaller-Goldberg's focus on effortless style. The collection is the perfect marriage of ease, practicality, and luxury, and has  earned the Minnie Rose brand a well-deserved cult following.


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