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Tommy Bahama is a legend. While this may prove disappointing to those who were hoping for a glimpse of the man who supposedly once caught a tuna with nothing more than a coconut shell and some twine, you can rest assured that the far-reaching appeal of Tommy Bahama the brand is very real indeed.

Tommy Bahama has been around since 1993, and has become a recognizeable name on the tips of the tongues of those who are drawn to the refined, unhurried aesthetic that is so synonymous with the brand's take on island life.

It all started with a line of printed silk shirts and tailored pants for men. The popularity of these items skyrocketed, giving the company just the incentive they needed to expand their cache to include womenswear, accessories, and a line of home décor products. Whatever the brand lends its name to, the one thing any of their product lines will have in common is that they have passed the unwavering Tommy Bahama eye for quality.

With their accessory collection, the brand has underscored their focus on a relaxed, sophisticated lifestyle – such is the Tommy Bahama way. The Tommy Bahama scarf collection features an ecclectic mix of luxurious fabrics, lively prints, and distinctive textures that are a testament to the brand's true identity. As it turns out, luxury and leisure truly do make the best kind of pairing.


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